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A published author on the staff!

A published author on the staff!

We at Cliff House are proud to announce that we have a published author on the staff!

Annie, who works in our reception and admin office, is publishing her first book on 28th January 2018. In Search of Urchins is a contemporary tale and is Annie’s first Novel:

Jack has always been indecisive. Despite being in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Clare, he has never been able to fully commit. Now he suspects that she is feeling unsettled and their comfortable life is becoming increasingly unstable. After a bitter argument, Jack heads for his childhood sanctuary to clear his head. He wonders if at some point in his life he may have made a fundamental mistake and, if so, how things might have been different. Following a horrific accident, Jack is flung into a life-threatening coma and gets a chance to learn what might have been...

In Search of Urchins by Annie Watson is published by the Book Guild Ltd and can be ordered direct from their website, or from book shops.